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This is a small sample of the photos and testimonials from our customers that inspire us at Focus Design to develop a product that makes their lives easier.

"Ms. Parker, I used your screens while working with Ric Gillespie and Tom King on the TIGHAR expedition to the Pacific last summer. They were excellently constructed and more functional than any I had previously used. I am now working in Colombia and would like to order a set of your screens for use here. Karen Ramey Burns, Ph.D. Bogota, Colombia, S.A. "

Karen Burns PhD

TIGHAR Columbia

"Focus Design, Lynn Parker Wanted you to know that your screens are now being used out in the field, and our crew loves them."

Greenwood and Associates

"Dear Lynn, Many thanks for your note, which arrived on the same day as my order. I was delighted with the quality and workmanship of the sieves you provided. They are perfect and just what we needed. I will encorage Matt to purchase a set as soon as he comes back from vacation, and I'll pass this on to my other colleagues at the National Park Service and US Forest Service who my be interested in this type of resource as well. I very much aprpeciate your help and anticipate more orders of this type in the future. In the meantime, many thanks for everything and best regards."

Clay Mathers, PhD,RPA

Chief Information Officer

Statistical Research, Inc.

"Hello Lynn, I had budgeted $250 for a ?shaker box? through Bull Gator, my budget started on 10-01-07. On 10-02-07 I received an e-mail from you as: ("21st Century" SIFTING SCREENS). I think you were a vendor at the IAI in San Diego. I think I will like your product better than Bull Gators? Thank you,"


Domingo Villarreal, CSCSA


Detective-Forensic Lab

Humble Police Dept. Humble, Texas U.S.A.

"Focus Design, Lynn I'm glad Karen Burns has ordered some screens; they're certainly superior products. They're far and away the best screens I've ever used, and I've been screening off and on for (gad) fifty years now. They're light, they're sturdy, they're rugged, easy to transport, worry-free. I really like the foldable forelegs. I'll see how many images I can attach to this email, and if need be follow it up with a couple more. Thanks again; these screens were instrumental in the success of our expedition. Best, Tom"


Thomas F. King

PhD (TGHAR) Historic Aircraft Recovery

"BTW, I should mention that I love your products. They are lightweight and sturdy, and now that I occasionally do CRM work, using heavy, bulky wooden shaker and hand screens, I yearn for the days when I could easily carry the solo screen. I haven't been to your website in a while, and just saw your new products. They look wonderful! The had shaker screen in particular. Those things made out of wood are my least favorite archaeology tool, since they're always heavy and awkward to use. Anyway, keep the good things coming, and I hope the video does a bit to help you promote! Once you get it on your site let me know and I will write a blog post about the video and the screens, since I have enjoyed them so much. Best, Terry"

Terry Brock

Archaeologist/PhD Candidate MSU

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